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  • Glenda-anne Swart

    Advocate Glenda Swart
    • Referral Advocate
    • Posted 2 weeks ago
  • Aneleh De Villiers

    Redfern & Findlay Attorneys
    • Law Academic
    • Posted 2 weeks ago
  • Inge Laubscher

    • Law Academic
    • Posted 3 weeks ago
  • Mamotlhababeng Tokollo Makgalemele

    • Law Academic
    • Posted 3 weeks ago
  • Etienne Pretorius

    Etienne Pretorius Inc.
    • Practising Attorney
    • Posted 2 months ago
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Testimonials of happy lawyers working home

LWFH lawyers share why they prefer and enjoy working from home.

I love working from home because it buys me time. I get to wake up, work out and then get on with my work. This lifestyle is something I’ve wanted for the longest time and couldn’t achieve because of travel time to and from work. I also enjoy that during breaks, I get to have the same lunch as my family and save on buying lunch. I’ve always said I am a technophobe! Working from home has allowed me to overcome this. Any techno problem that I can solve myself, I now get right on with it, without any help from colleagues.

I enjoy working from home because it is relaxed and focused. This allows me to work hard for clients online and still maintain a work-life balance. Working from home also allows me to deal with any stress, as soon as I feel it, by either doing a brief workout or making a meal.

I get a lot more done at home and it is good because I can sometimes spend too much time chasing deals and doing meetings and not enough time doing the paperwork. I am working in lockdown in the Western Cape with my family, but for purposes of managing my lawyer team, I prefer being in Joburg every second week for two or three days. I need that balance. I respect everyone’s choice and I note that some of our team excel at WFH. Although I personally do not enjoy it, as law firm owner, I see the value in it. It is a good way to force me to do the hard yards that need to be done…

Blogs by lawyers

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Tips for lawyer employers re job interviews

The pandemic and lockdown regulations disrupted all law firms. In particular, many law firms had to make changes to operations, including scaling down staff and/or office space. As South Africa moved from Lockdown level 5 to 1, law firms recovered and adjusted in 2021. Many law firms also experienced growth, which may now require recruitment and appointment of new staff.

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The President’s Right to Privacy vs powers of Chapter 9 Institutions

Following the announcement by the Public Protector to release a report stemming from her investigation into a donation by Bosasa to the 2017 presidential campaign of President Cyril Ramaphosa (alisa “C17”), the president approached the courts for an interdict prohibiting the public release of the report. Certain prominent business persons were allegedly amongst the donors

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How will you leave your business behind?

Perhaps as a business owner, your Last Will and Testament is in place. Fantastic! What does this mean for your business? It is unnerving to explain to business owners that they must consider their options with regard to estate planning in the event of their death. It is an uneasy thought for business owners to

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