LWFH is the leading enabling platform serving lawyers by providing advertising services to relevant product/service providers on the internet, social media and email.

This Advertiser Terms and Conditions should be read together with the standard User Terms and Conditions of the LWFH Website which you accepted upon accessing and using the LWFH Website. The terms for definitions provided in the User Terms and Conditions also apply here and have the same meaning in this LWFH Agreement. If you are not sure about the meaning of any term or the provisions which apply to use the LWFH Website, please read the standard User Terms and Conditions.

The purpose of these Advertiser Terms and Conditions is to conclude and additional LWFH Agreement between LWFH and you as Advertiser in which LWFH undertakes to provide Advertising Services in consideration for payment of a monthly Advertising Cost.

LWFH and the Advertiser agree as follows:

  1. Advertising Cost: The Advertising Cost depends on the advertising term selected by the Advertiser and is R700 for 1 month, R1800 for 3 months and R3000 for 6 months.
  2. Advertising Term: The fixed Advertising Term is selected by the Advertiser and commences on the date of payment of the full Advertising Cost.
  3. Advertising Services: In consideration of the monthly Advertising Cost, and for the selected Advertising Term, LWFH undertakes to provide the following Advertising Services on a monthly basis:
    3.1 Publication on our LWFH website.
    3.2 Post on LawyerFirst and LWFH FaceBook pages, including R50 boost of post.
    3.3 Publication in newsletter via email to LWFH lawyer database.
  4. Payment terms:
    4.1 Advertising Costs are paid by the Advertiser to LWFH in accordance with the payment method prescribed on the LWFH Website, namely via PayFast.
    4.2 The payment for your Advertising Cost will be actioned when you complete the order placement process on the LWFH Website and accept these Advertiser Terms and Conditions and authorising the payments.
    4.3 The Advertiser understands and authorises that LWFH will automatically collect the Advertising Cost from your nominated bank account The withdrawals will be processed through a computerised system provided by your South African bank and the details of each withdrawal will be printed on your bank statement and you will receive an automated invoice from LWFH via email for your accounting records.
    4.4 The Advertiser acknowledges that the payment method is facilitated by third parties, namely PayFast (full details at and the South African banks, all of which use strict encryption and security systems and are authorised to provide such financial services to the public. The Advertiser authorises PayFast and his/her bank to act in accordance with his/her payment instruction herein.
    4.5 The Advertiser understands that, as the payment method is outsourced to third parties, LWFH is not in control of the payment method and can not be held liable for any claim as a result of losses or harm suffered by the actions of third parties or fraudsters. The Advertiser will have recourse directly against such third parties.
    4.6 You are responsible for ensuring that there are sufficient funds in your nominated credit or debit card account for processing payments. In the event that the transaction is reversed, cancelled, suspended, delayed or late due to your fault in this regard, you agree to payment of a penalty fee in the amount of R50 which will be added to your next Advertising Cost payment on the LWFH Website.
    4.7 You warrant that all payment information entered by you is authorised by the Advertiser and business you indicate as responsible for the payment. You undertake that the information is complete, reliable, true and correct/accurate in every respect and not misleading in any way.  
  5. Limitations of Liability
    5.1 You take full responsibility for the advertising content submitted for publication and disclaim LWFH from any liability which may result of possible claims based on copyright or trade mark infringement, contravention of the ASA Code or any third party’s rights. You confirm that you are authorised to use and order publication of the advertising content on the LWFH Website, social media pages and email newsletters.
    5.2 You agree that publication of your advertising content may be subject to comments or feedback governed by the terms and conditions of third party social media platforms (eg FaceBook), over which LWFH will not have control. You disclaim LWFH from any liability which may arise due to claims based on the use or publication of your content on these platforms.
    5.3 Advertisers are solely responsible for all of the terms and conditions of the transactions conducted between themselves and other Users (the public/clients) or Subscribers (lawyers), through or as a result of the use of the LWFH Website or Advertising Services, including, without limitation, terms regarding payment, returns, warranties, public liability cover, and taxes. The LWFH Website can attract no professional or business liability relating to the quality of products or competence of services provided by Advertisers to other Users, in particular Subscribers. The LWFH Website only facilitates marketing, networking and socialising between lawyers and Advertisers.
  6. Intellectual Property
    6.1 The Advertiser is not allowed to use the Intellectual Property, in particular trade marks, to represent a partnership or employment with LWFH, without the express written authorisation thereof by LWFH. Use of the LWFH Intellectual Property will generally only be authorised for the purposes to help the marketing of the LWFH Website and Advertising Services. The LWFH trade marks and domain names may only be used as expressly prescribed by LWFH.
    6.2 The Advertiser represents to LWFH and unconditionally guarantees that the Advertiser is the owner or has permission from the rightful owner to use, publish and share any and all content the Advertiser publishes himself/herself on the LWFH Website and related platform. The Advertiser will abide by the Copyright Act and related laws relating to publications.
    6.3 Any obvious, gross or intentional violations of intellectual property by the Advertiser, may result in a breach of this contract and termination of the Advertising Services.

If you have any queries relating to these Advertiser Terms and Conditions to conclude this contract online, you are welcome to email [email protected] for clarification.