Are you offering products or services for lawyers?

To make legal practices operate smoothly, lawyers require various products and services. Not all types of business products or services cater for lawyers’ needs. As a value-add service to lawyers, and to help Advertisers reach their target market, we invite and source top lawyer product and service providers to advertise on our LWFH platforms to lawyers. We further provide an online search facility to help lawyers find Advertisers fast!

What are the advertising costs?

Advertising termOnce off Advertiser payment per term
1 month R700
3 monthsR1800
6 monthsR3000

LWFH Members attorneys who provide services as correspondents are listed for free as “Correspondents”.

What are the advertising benefits?

  • Publication on our LWFH website for the chosen term.
  • Post once a month for the chosen term on LawyerFirst and LWFH FaceBook pages with over 13 000 targeted South African lawyer followers, including R50 boost of post.
  • Publication in LWFH newsletter sent monthly (provided sufficient content) for the chosen term via email to verified lawyer database (over 1700 lawyers in all provinces).

Contact us for further advertising opportunities or suggestions.

What do we require to secure your advertising order?

  • Electronic logo / image
  • Max 100 word description of your products or services for lawyers
  • Provinces covered
  • Contact details
  • Bank card details to proceed with payment through PayFast

The advertising placement order and payment process are online and follow below. Payment is required in advance. You are responsible for the accuracy of the advertising content provided above. We will email you your invoice. If you have any queries, require assistance with this online process or payment method, or prefer to make an EFT payment, please email [email protected] or WhatsApp 067 426 7141.

Step 1: Submit advertising content