It is very fast and easy to apply to join LWFH. No emails, interviews or paperwork required!

If you are a lawyer and interested to become a Member of LWFH, follow these easy steps on our website:

STEP 1: Under the heading “For Lawyers”, press the Apply to join button on drop-down menu. Click here and follow short steps below. 

STEP 2: On the Apply to join page, enter your email address, create a password and press Submit.

STEP 3: Complete your details for your individual lawyer profile. Note which few fields are required and which are optional. Press Save Draft and Submit.

STEP 4: Choose your subscription package (ie R350 per month for Practising Attorneys, Practising Trust Account Advocates and Referral Advocates or R200 per month for Pro bono lawyers and Law Academics) for your profile and monthly recurring bank card (credit/cheque cards) payments. Payment is automatically facilitated by PayFast ( However, you may make a special request to us, if you prefer monthly EFT payments.

STEP 5: Once you submitted your completed profile, an email will be sent to LWFH management. Your profile submission will be reviewed and you will be advised by email of approval on the LWFH website. Allow 24 hours for approval.

STEP 6: When your profile is approved, your profile will be published and become available on the LWFH website for searching and viewing purposes by the public. You can then Login to manage profile with your email address and password and press Manage Profile to update or edit your profile details at anytime. We encourage Members to keep profiles up to date and make use of the LWFH website facilities to build their professional profiles and market themselves.

STEP 7: You will receive an automated invoice (generated by Xero) relating to your payment done for your records.

If you need further assistance with the subscription process above, you are welcome to email [email protected] or WhatsApp 067 426 7141 for support.