Nature of legal practice

Legal Practice Name: Advocate in Private Practice
Form of Legal Practice: BLC LLB
Legal Practice Registration Number: 100109
When was this legal practice established? May 2019
What is your legal practice' value proposition? I have twenty-four years of post-admission experience, advising and representing in all areas of the law. I have the capacity and capability to perform a wide variety of civil, commercial, criminal, and ad hoc legal functions as part of a panel of experts. I am able to deliver effective and relevant legal interventions. I have the necessary skill, competence, and experience to handle legal matters of complexity. I have the ability to develop and maintain critical relationships with government and regulatory bodies and proactively solve legal issues and navigate legislation. I can produce expert legal opinions based on my examination of cases where there is either an element of crime or delict involved as well as complex legal issues in the corporate space. Opinions include: i. investigating the merits of insurance claims ii. investigating challenged repudiated claims iii. supporting or defending complex insurance claims iv. proving or disproving a matter for legal purposes v. reconstructing crime scenes vi. reconstructing loss incidents (such as motor vehicle accidents) vii. determining liability for insured loss incidents viii. analysis and examination of forensic evidence Evidence analysed includes physical, biological, and associative. Experience and capacity are provided under the following functionalities: § Conducting investigations and furnishing reports with recommendations as to facts found and to make recommendations as to future action §  Making representations to a statutory or voluntary body or any state official §  Advise on the merits of insurance claims/ conviction appeals §  Arguing of application and matters §  Appearance in a trial or in arbitration or in any other decision-making forum §  Settling a matter, whether on trial or otherwise §  Attendance of inquisitorial proceedings §  Acting as an expert §  Provide litigation services in all areas of the law §  Advise on all aspects of corporate law §  Representing my clients in all South African courts §  Considering written and oral evidence to provide informed legal advice §  Consult with witnesses/experts in the preparation of trials and hearings §  Conducting pre-trial conferences §  Assurance opinions, perusal, vetting, and ancillary: >Mergers & Acquisitions >Due Diligence Investigations >Private Equity Transactions >Black Empowerment Transactions >Joint Venture Arrangements >Real Estate Transactions >Commercial Lease, Triple Net > Buy and Sell Agreements - Financial Advisers
Capacity / Position in Legal Practice: Owner
Is your Legal Practice registered for VAT? No

Legal Services

Legal Services Practice Areas: Business LawCompaniesConsumer LawContractsCorporate Law/GovernanceCriminal LawInsurance LawLegal research / opinionsLitigationOther areasPersonal Injuries
Other Legal Services: Private Arbitration Practice Financial Legal Services Consumer Protection Law Corporate Finance Privacy and Data Security Law Criminal Law (also relating to environmental crimes) Legal due diligence investigations Property Law

Retainer Offerings

Legal Package Offerings: Negotiable
Promotional Offerings: Not applicable
Preferred Instructions: No preference

Contact Details

Email Address: [email protected]
Cell Phone Number: 0828045916

Engagement Practices

Fee Structure: Methodology for accepting briefs 1. Pre-brief Case Assessment to determine viability/merits 2. Upon receipt of formal instructions from the briefing attorney, a consultation is scheduled between myself and the client. The briefing session is free of charge and would take place: a. Via Telephone or Technology Platform such as Teams/Zoom b. At my chambers in Cathcart c. At a place nominated by the client (out-of-pocket travelling expenses for account of client) 3. The purpose of the first consultation would be to: a. Take full particulars b. Agree timelines c. Agree fees 4. Work will commence immediately upon receipt of my fees into the trust account of my attorney. BILLING METHOD 1. In calculating a fee for my services, I am always mindful that the profession of advocacy is primarily vocational and exists to serve the public interest, and accordingly, must charge only reasonable fees for all work undertaken. 2. There is no tariff that is applied to services of counsel in litigious matters in the High Court, except when the amount or value of the claim falls below the jurisdiction of the Magistrates’ Court. 3. I must when calculating a fee, guard against both overvaluing and undervaluing the services to be rendered. I am not permitted in calculating a fee, inflate the amount because the client is able to pay generously. 4. I may, in calculating a fee, on the grounds of a client’s lack of means to pay fees, charge a smaller fee than would otherwise be reasonable for the services rendered, or charge no fee at all. 5. Upon acceptance of a brief, I must, at the request of the instructing attorney, provide details to the attorney of my estimate of the fees to be charged. 6. I do not submit an account directly to a client, nor receive payment directly from a client. 7. Initial consultation can be conducted at my chambers, over the phone or technology platform following which I provide feedback to my instructing attorney. 8. My fees are charged either: i. based on a pre-agreed set fee ii. a discounted hourly fee iii. in accordance with the Legal Practice Council’s fee structure iv. or the High Court Uniform Rules of Court/ Magistrates Rules of Court, if applicable 9. Fees include my instructing attorney’s briefing fee. 10. With a view to affording me reasonable and adequate remuneration for my services I have regard to the following factors, none of which is determinative and all of which are simply guides to a fair calculation: i. prevailing prescribed minimum and maximum tariffs and rates for legal services ii. the terms upon which I accepted the mandate iii. the amount and importance of the work required iv. the complexity of the matter and/or the difficulty or novelty of the work or the questions raised v. the skills, labour, specialised knowledge on required on my part. vi. the number and importance of the documents to be prepared or perused, without necessarily having regard to length vii. the place where and circumstances in which the services or any part thereof will be rendered viii. where money or property is involved, its amount or value 11. Fees are inclusive and include unlimited access to my time within the parameters described in the scope of services.
Fidelity Fund Certificate: No
Deposit Policy And Payment Terms: Methodology for accepting briefs 1. Upon receipt of my instruction, a formal consultation is arranged with the client. This consultation is free of charge and would take place: a. Via Telephone or Technology Platform such as Teams/Zoom b. At my chambers in Cathcart c. At a place nominated by the client (includes all out-of-pocket expenses incurred for travelling) 2. The purpose of the first consultation would be to: a. Take full brief b. Agree timelines c. Agree fees Work will commence immediately upon receipt of pre-agreed fees into the trust account of my instructing attorney/or as per arrangement.
Language Preferences: AfrikaansEnglish
Communication Preferences: Cell phone textDirect MeetingEmailPhone CallVideo ConferencingVoice Messages
Available Online Hours: 08h00-17h00