Nature of legal practice

Form of Legal Practice: Bachelor of Laws
Legal Practice Registration Number: 73185
When was this legal practice established? 29 April 2022
What is your legal practice' value proposition? MA Ncalane Attorneys is a legal practice that specialises in Civil Litigation, Tax Law and Labour Law. The director has extensive experience in tax law as he was previously in the employ of SARS. In addition, the director is a registered Tax Practitioner. The director worked in various divisions at SARS and gained valuable experience that will be of assistance in your tax matters. MA Ncalane Attorneys provides a client centered and professional legal service that recognizes that Covid has changed the manner in which attorneys offer services. The practice is run as a hybrid legal practice, offering virtual legal services and direct meetings. This allows the practice to offer services to any person, anywhere and at anytime, locally and internationally. The practice has the expertise to assist in your tax disputes and appearing on your behalf at the Alternative Dispute Resolution meetings, as well as taking your matters to the Tax Board. We have the knowledge to assist in your matters that are considered by the Tax Court. The director has the knowledge and skills to assist with your tax compliance and providing tax advisory on complex commercial transactions. The practice is ideally placed to assist with your applications for non binding opinions and advance tax rulings . The practice is able to assist multinational corporations with considering the tax implications of commercial transactions it may undertake. MA Ncalane Attorneys will provide you with an excellent and personal service to ensure your legal affairs pertaining to labour and tax obligations are safeguarded by a professional practice and qualified attorney.
Capacity / Position in Legal Practice: Managing Director
Is your Legal Practice registered for VAT? No

Legal Services

Legal Services Practice Areas: Consumer LawCriminal LawDebt collectingDispute ResolutionLabour LawLegal research / opinionsLitigationTax Law

Contact Details

Email Address: [email protected]
Cell Phone Number: 0726702149
Website of Legal Practice:

Engagement Practices

Fee Structure: Our fee structure is flexible and are willing to negotiate with clients on services rendered. The initial one hour consultation with a client will be free. Thereafter, the firm will charge at an hourly rate on services rendered with the minimum being R1000 per hour for drafting, court appearance and meetings. Depending on the complexity of a matter, the firm is willing to consider charging a client on the value of the matter being considered. The firm and the client will negotiate on the percentage of the value of the matter, the attorney may charge to the client.
Fidelity Fund Certificate: Yes
Deposit Policy And Payment Terms: In the event the firm decides to move forward with your matter, it may require a deposit and this will be discussed with the client with due consideration of the complexity of the matter. The firm will invoice the client as and when work is done on the matter.
Language Preferences: EnglishisiZulu
Communication Preferences: Direct MeetingEmailPhone CallVideo Conferencing
Available Online Hours: 8am - 4pm (Monday - Friday) The firm is available on Microsoft Teams, Skype, Whatsapp Business and Zoom