Nature of legal practice

Legal Practice Name: N/A
Form of Legal Practice:
Legal Practice Registration Number: 50217
When was this legal practice established? N/A
What is your legal practice' value proposition?

I want to open my own firm in the financial year 2022/2023. 

I want to open a property law and conveyancing practice law firm.

I have experience in conveyancing dealing with bonds and transfers in sectional titles, private transfers, developers transfers and bank bonds. 

I tend to every property law matter and property transfer.

Capacity / Position in Legal Practice: N/A
Is your Legal Practice registered for VAT? No

Legal Services

Legal Services Practice Areas: ConveyancingLegal research / opinions

Retainer Offerings

Legal Package Offerings: Yrs
Promotional Offerings: Yes
Preferred Instructions: Conveyancing and property law

Contact Details

Email Address: [email protected]
Cell Phone Number: 0606402767

Engagement Practices

Fee Structure: Open for negotiations
Fidelity Fund Certificate: No
Deposit Policy And Payment Terms: Open for negotiation, flexible payment terms
Language Preferences: AfrikaansEnglish
Communication Preferences: Direct MeetingEmailPhone Call
Available Online Hours: 08:00 - 17:30

Professional Achievements

Read my blogs: N/A
Other Published Articles : N/A
Awards and Acknowledgements: Bachelor of Law, Conveyancing certificate, Admitted Attorney Certificate
Cases in the News: N/A