“There’s a way to do it better – find it.”

Thomas A. Edison

LWFH lawyers are taking the lead in the fourth industrial revolution to provide professional legal services on a remote and online basis to all in South Africa. Together we are embracing the future and making South Africa better!

What are the top 10 reasons to instruct a LWFH lawyer?

  1. Better accessibility: Technology makes lawyers more accessible and easy to contact or instruct.
  2. Save legal costs: Lawyers who work remotely or from home, generally have lower overheads. These savings on overheads usually allow such lawyers to offer more competitive rates which translates into savings for clients.
  3. Save transport fees: During lockdown, or generally due to other circumstances, you may be unable or restricted to travel to commercial offices of lawyers to attend consultations physically. As LWFH lawyers are geared to serve you remotely and online, clients save on transport costs travelling to lawyer offices.
  4. Enjoy flexibility: Lawyers who work from home can schedule flexible working hours which are likely to accommodate more clients who are pressed for time or have difficulties to take time off work to attend direct appointments with lawyers at conventional commercial offices to get access to legal services.  
  5. No geographic borders: If your specific legal services will not require direct physical consultations, the internet and online service options remove provincial borders and make it possible for clients to “shop around” for lawyers in any province or metro area in South Africa to assist online or remotely. Traditionally, legal charges of lawyers in different provinces in South Africa may differ, as the client volumes and demand for legal services differ in different cities and towns.
  6. Education on lawyers: The legal profession has undergone important changes since 2018 when the Legal Practice Act became Law. The LWFH platform aims to help educate the public on the statutory liabilities, responsibilities and status of different lawyer types in South Africa.
  7. Options: The LWFH lawyer directory includes a variety of types of lawyers, with different work experience, different expert practice areas, using a variety of technologies to serve clients remotely and online. The LWFH platform provides for an easy search criteria to find the right lawyer for your matter.
  8. Convenience: It may also be more convenient for you to communicate online and remotely with a lawyer instead of travelling to a commercial lawyer office and attending direct physical consultations.
  9. Commitment to professional standards: Applications to be approved as a lawyer who can subscribe to the LWFH lawyer directory are subject to the acceptance of lawyers of our Subscriber Terms & Conditions. These Terms commit lawyers to the ethical standards of the legal profession.
  10. Feedback welcome and easy: The LWFH aims to provide a public service and feedback and communication with LWFH lawyers and management are made easy with the help of technology.